1080p FAQs and Questions

What is 1080P?

1080P is the highest quality HD format you can find. 1080P is also know as Full or True High definition.

Whats the differnce between 1080i vs 1080P?

Although 1080i and 1080P are both know as full High definition and contain 1920x1080 pixels 1080i uses interlaced lines and 1080p uses progressive.

Why should I watch 1080P

You will get better clarity when watching your porn videos. Videos will be less choppy and rigged than other formats.

Do I need a fast computer to watch HD?

Yes its recommened that you have a Duel core or better processor and a video card capable of processing 1080p porn.

Can I have HD to my computer and watch them?

Yes, all sites offered on 1080p porn allow you to download each video and save them to your computer to watch at anytime.

Can I watch 1080P on my Playstation 3 and PSP or IPOD?

Yes! Playstation 3 has a built in browser, just browse to 1080pporn.org click and sign up for one of our sites. All sites also offer formats for both PSP and IPOD's.