1080P vs 720p Porn

The biggest difference between 1080p and 720p porn is the resolution. You get more pixels in 1080 than you do in 720 which will provide you with better clarity. Well this explains 1080p vs 720p porn but it doesn't explain the difference between 1080p and 1080i porn. Both Progressive and interlace 1080 formats are both know as True or full high definition porn, but which one is better?

In 1080i each individual frame is displayed in alternative fields. The Areas in 1080p porn are created of 540 rows of pixels or lines running from top to bottom of the screen, with the odd areas showing first and even areas displayed right after. When used together, both areas of the screen create a full frame of all 1080 pixel's, every third of a second.

With 1080p every frame in the porn video is displayed progressively. This means that both the even and odd fields together display the frame. With this you will find a much smoother porn picture!